Best Weapons for home Survival Arsenal

Home Defense

Most of us Built weapon arsenal at home for hobby not for survival, because for you the survival you only need one weapon. In a real life situation you need and can carry only one weapon when somebody break into your house of some other similar scenario.

People who carry more than one weapon or keep the weapon arsenal at home are hobbyist or hunter who likes to shoot with different weapon. but if you want to build weapon arsenal at home for survival we have few weapons those are best in their category.

Assault rifle AR-15 or AK-47

This is the most important firearm capable of 1 shot killing. AR-15 and AK-47 both are very accurate and fully automatic weapon, its easy and fast to reload. Both rifle has upto 300 meter range enough for hunting and home defense, and if you want more accuracy there are large number of scopes compatible with these two weapons.

ShotGun Remington 870

Shotgun is incredibly powerful weapon, it’s very efficient weapon for bird hunting, and also a good for home defense, we recommend Remington 870 shotgun that is widely popular in its class.

Pistol Glock, 1911

Pistol or handgun is the best weapon for self defense because its easy to carry, its very easy to keep while doing your daily task, it’s great backup weapon when your rifle is out but pistol is enough for normal situation. for home defense pistol is highly recommended.

You can carry as many weapons as you can but you have to keep in mind that in case of emergency you can use only one weapon because it’s not movie. If you own weapons at your home you should keep it in a best gun safe that is fireproof and large enough to store all your weapons for safety from any disaster or from any intruder or kid.

If you have kids at home keeping more weapons than your need is not recommended. More the number of weapons, higher the chance of falling it in kid’s hand. and it could’t be any worse situation than a weapon in kid’s hand. So, Buy weapons only you require and only you can able to store. Keep in mind that you’re not a Batman. play safe.



beginners instruction for cb radio antenna installation

Solarcon A-99 CB Base Station Antenna

Installation of cb radio antenna is one of the most easiest type of installation, you just need to run the cable and tune the antenna that’s it, but there are some points to keep in mind, are you testing your antenna from right location, have choose the best cb antenna for the requirement !!

Before the installation and testing you need to choose the place where you want to install the antenna, best place is center of your vehicle roof. you will get weaker signal if you install it on bumper, so choose roof it is the best place.

now next step is little tricky, you need to have a knowledge of wiring before this, if you ever tampered with car stereo cable you can do this, for the cable installation of cb antenna you need to have a little knowledge of wiring, best place to look for the car music system wires, you can run cb antenna cable along with this wires. keep this two things in mind while running the cable, avoid alternators to avoid noise, and do not shorten the coax.

now next step is to adjust the length of cb antenna, higher is better but not as high as it smacks over the passes and other things to keep that in mind.

the last and most important thing about the installation is tuning of cb antenna, you need to know that tuning a cb radio and tuning a cb antenna is completely different thing. Here you will get information on how to tune cb antenna.


Types of Bicycle helmet for different Experience

Giro Air Attack Red Black
Giro Air Attack Red Black

To find the best helmet that suits your head, you need to first study the different types of helmet to pick the cool bike helmets from wide range of bike helmets available in the market.

There are various types of helmets available in market with completely different feel and experience from one another. So lets check different types of helmet from wide range of available markets.

Full Face Helmets

if you’re riding on a tough terrain and you need very high protection, full face helmets are for you, full face helmets are not very comfortable but it offers a total head protection, this type of helmets often used for mountain biking. There is a sub type of helmet available in this which has flip up, you can easily flip the front up while riding.

Open face helmet

Open face helmet is classy looking helmet with wide range of designs and features available, its very comfortable and give you great look, this type of helmets are very well ventilated and used for regular sports riding.

Half Helmets

if you’re riding in summer or at warm place where you gonna sweat a lot, go for half helmets, this helmet has army style look, but its not very safe for major accidents, half helmets keeps your chin and lower part of face unprotected, you may get injury in case of fall.

How to useful is Cb Radio – Cb Radio for Beginners

Cobra 25 cb radio
Cobra 25 cb radio

Citizen bend radio comes in two types base and mobile. you might be thinking about buying a radio just for hobby or business its a very useful stuff. Mobile radios are smaller in size yet they have all the features and range as the base ones. Truckers often use cb radios to know the road conditions and weather conditions, with cb radios trucker can get realtime information about the traffic jams, accidents etc. for all these reasons cb radios are very important for truckers.

in a business, we have seen many worker using cb radios at construction sites, manufacturing plants, ports etc. cb radios are widely popular now a days.

so lets take a look at cb radio review that is good for beginners.

Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channel CB Radio

Cobra 25 uses 4 watt output which is the maximum limit allowed by the law for the communication. It has all the basic features and easy access to the several emergency channels like channel 9. it comes with 9 fool long microphone code to keep the Microphone within the reach of user.

Cobra 25 gives you full channel coverage of all 40 channels so it is as good as other expensive radios.

Easy and classic control penal of cobra 25 makes is ideal cb radio for the beginners.

With the cb radio use don’t need to talk you can just hear and get the information if you’re on road.

Best way to clean and maintain AR 15

Disassembling your rifle
Disassembling your rifle

To keep the ar 15 rifle in good condition cleaning is very important, if you want to get the best experience out of your rifle you must keep it in good condition. Ar 15 is one of the easiest rifle to clean and maintain, you need to disassemble the rifle before cleaning it. disassembling is also very easy, and there is no tool require to do it. however cleaning process require few tools.

Ar 15 maintainence is divided into 3 parts, Disassemble, Clean, Lubricant.

First you disassemble the rifle, and clean every part of rifle, you need few tools chamber and barrel cleaning, its easy and process and takes no time, most important process of all is lubricant, keeping the moving parts smooth is very important for any rifle because even a small piece of dirt may jam full rifle.

while maintaining ar 15, you also need to maintain the scope, because riflescope is like the eye of rifle, Click here for more information about ar 15 scopes.

you have to go through following steps to clean ar 15 rifle.

After the easy process of disassembling you should start with barrel cleaning process, In this process you have to clean from chamber to muzzle of rifle,

then you need to clean the bolt of rifle, BONE tool is use to clean the bolt components of rifle.

After this, comes buffer cleaning, buffer cleaning is not very important unless you use your rifle in very dirty environment.

At last comes trigger cleaning, there is nothing to lube here, you just need degreaser here, nothing more than that.

For the lubrication process we highly recommend dry lubes that doesn’t attract the dust.

How to Prepare Your Weapon for a Perfect Shot with a Bore Sight

As a hunter or avid shooter, many of you know the bore sight – however, some people are new to hunting or shooting and not that familiar with this great accessory. Some do not know how to prepare their weapon for a perfect shot by using a Best laser bore sighter, where others do not even know what it is!


What is a Bore Sight?

You can find the best bore sighter from different retailers online, this great invention helps to align the optical sight found on top of a gun barrel with the axis of your bore and one of the first rights of way after mounting a scope. With the assistance of a laser bore sight it helps when making your first shot on large target at a distance of 50 yards possible. The bore sight does not only help you with location points from where you actually start shooting with your gun – however, saves you loads of time, the recoil from your weapon and saves you loads of money spent on buying ammunition while preparing your weapon for shooting.

You need to remember that even the best laser bore sighter does not sight in your weapon, as this needs firing with precise ammunition from a certain distance.

Where did the Bore Sight originate?

There are several ways that you can prepare your weapon for a perfect shot – however, the oldest method normally done eons ago by taking out the lock on a bolt-action Rifle and gazing straight down the bore. You need to secure the weapon, while positioning it, pointing directly at the bull’s eye about 50 yards away. Now you look through your scope without moving the weapon and watchfully fine-tune the elevation and windage turrets until you find the reticle centered on the bulls eye. However, this is not possible with all weapons such as handguns, pumps, semi-autos, and lever guns.

Collimators and Arbors Sighting

Another eon old method of bore sighting is with a collimator and arbors also known as spuds. The collimator device uses a graph-paper-like grid while looking through the scope. The collimator held in place by the spuds inserted into the barrel from the muzzle end of your weapon and sized according to the caliber. You look through the scope while adjusting elevation and windage so the reticles centered on the grid you see. You need to size the spuds accordingly, however, some calibers as the shotgun gauges requires its own sizes and sometimes not available.

Magnetic Bore Sighter

These days a more convenient way of bore sighting your weapon conveniently is using a magnetic bore sight. This bore sight is a simple device that you attach to the muzzle of the weapon with strong magnets instead of using arbors into your barrel. These magnetic bore sights fit most gauges and calibers and requires no additional parts. These devices are also well known for checking zero capability of your weapon after transporting or dropping your weapon. This is done by sighting in the gun and looking where the crosshairs end up on the bore sights grid and remember to write it down to check zero at any time.

Laser Bore Sighter

The final method and most popular method are using the best laser bore sighter like Bushnell, Wheeler, and SiteLite, to name a few. With these devices, a laser beam shines from the arbor inserted into the muzzle of the gun where others have specific cartridge casings that you simply insert in the chamber of your gun. With a laser bore sighter you need a reflective target and distance away from a target for the laser beam to reflect while holding the weapon steady or using a gun vise as this helps to center your scope’s optics onto the laser dot.

Things to Remember about Bore Sighters

  • The use of a bore sighter does not sight your gun and can only be done by shooting your gun with specific types of ammunition from certain distances
  • Always remember to remove the bore sight arbor before shooting with your weapon as not doing this can blow your weapon’s barrel apart
  • The bore sighter helps to eliminate problems when mounting a scope and with adjustments of the scope while it saves you loads of money on ammunition and physical abuse from certain weapon recoil

The Best Way to Bore Sight Your Weapon

  • Start by selecting an object at 100 yards away that you can point your rifle. Alternatively, make yourself a target with a bull’s eye on it.
  • Now place your rifle in a comfortable, steady position resting it right side up – if you are at a shooting range make use of the provided sandbags or shooting rest.
  • If using a single shot rifle open the action or remove the bolt if using a bolt-action rifle. Remove the screw holding the lever pivot and remove the bolt, as you need to see down the barrel from the breech end of the bore sight of the rifle used. Remember as mentioned previously, you cannot use this technique on Autoloaders and pump action guns.
  • While looking through the barrel from the breech end move the fixture your rifle is resting on until the required target selected in stage ones centered in your field of view.
  • Keeping your rifle still, adjusts the scope so that the crosshairs aligned with the object – your rifle is now bore sighted at about 100 yards.

However, this does not mean that your weapons sighted in for 100 yards. However, when visiting a shooting range and sighting in your weapon you should at least be able to shoot a target at 25 yards. After adjusting your scope to hit the bull’s eye, provided with targets at 25 yards, you can move on to 100 yard targets and complete sighting in your weapon. Moreover, always remember by using the highest intensity cartridges for big game hunting, the position of impact should at least be 3” high while shooting at 100 yards.

There are some great laser bore sighter gadgets available from different online retailers at affordable prices and we at RifleScopeGuy have some great reviews available for you to find the best most suitable one to fit your weapon. Happy shooting and keep it simple while taking care!